Mixing for visual media the right way

Whether you already have a finished session just waiting to be mixed, or as part of a design/edit/mix bundle, whether you prefer to mix “in the box” or need your session prepared to record to a specific output device, I am certainly able to help you.

Most sessions I receive come either as a Pro Tools session (usually if post work has already commenced) or straight from the video editing software as an OMF. Other formats are no problems either, however, they do require additional preparation. I am happy to receive full sessions, with many clips scattered across a large amount of dedicated tracks, but of course work with pre-mixed stems just as well. My Pro Tools HDX system based on a 12-core Mac Pro host is running the newest version, backward compatibility is always given.

The key to a successful mix is not only balance, factors like reverbs and delay, EQ matching, and some nerdy sound tweaks to allow the mix to “stick together” more coherently are just as important as effects or dialogue not sticking out in terms of volume. In addition to the factory-supplied plug-ins, I have a full suite of Waves and McDSP plug-ins to work with, in addition to a large number of other post related plug-ins (e.g. iZotope RX3 Advanced, SynchroArts VocAlign Pro, …).

Depending on your output media, you might also have technical requirements like broadcast level limiting, up- or down-conversion for PAL/NTSC transfers etc. And, of course, I can deliver your mix in 5.1 or 2.0, compressed or uncompressed, as a download, via FTP, and on physical media.

Please contact me with your individual requirements.

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