Composer, Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer

From composing orchestral material like for the short Bauhaus: Broken Wings, to recording and producing a number of artists, especially Kep Andrew’s debut album “New Wings”, as well as collaborating in a multi-disciplinary function as performer/engineer/producer like on Fanfields, I can help you with your music needs.

I am an Avid Certified Expert/Instructor for Pro Tools (Music/Post/Icon Mixer), as well as holding a Certified Venue Mixer Live Sound certification afterwards. I have also held trainings for Avid and third parties in Europe and the Middle East.

I run a smooth session, know how to “stretch a dollar”, can participate creatively or as a performer (keys/synths), whatever your music production needs are, hit me up, from producing to recording and mixing, I can help you bring out the best in your material.

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