Post Production

Sound Designer, ADR / Foley Recordist, Sound and Music Editor, Dubbing Mixer

Breathe life into your visual media. ImagesĀ only really come alive with a fitting soundtrack.

Anyone can spot a bad post production job – effects jump out at you from nowhere, little things like footsteps “just don’t sound right”, either because they are way too clear or they sound too dry compared to the rest of the environment… little things like that, often also things you “just can’t put your finger on”, those are signs of bad sound design, bad editing, bad mixing or a combination of the three.

Good post is harder to spot. Usually, the best post production effort is the one you just don’t notice. This is exactly why it is an under-appreciated art. However, it is the result of years of experience.

Lastly, there is the creative side to post production, soundscapes, atmospheres, whether it requires combining recorded elements to create a thick, detailed, believable backdrop, or whether it is the creation of electronic or artificial noises using sound synthesis to create mechanical, even alien sounds, the requirements are varied, the challenges endless.

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